Meet Foxy!

Meet the dog of many names!  When we adopted Foxy, our lovely little Chihuahua-Pomeranian, as a puppy 8 years ago (oh my goodness, she's old), her name was Foxy Lady.  About 6 years ago, one of my sister's friends said something along the lines of "Waxy! What a cute name for a dog!" and we … Continue reading Meet Foxy!



At some point in one of my classes over the past few weeks, I wrote a sticky note that said, “reason vs. tradition?” and stuck it in my planner.  I usually write notes with prompts of things that I want to either blog about or talk about with my boyfriend that could potentially stem into … Continue reading Deviance

Land Ethic

This post contains objective and subjective content based off of Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic.  I highly recommend reading Leopold's essay on his theory of Land Ethic for a more complete account of his thoughts on the topic. The definition of the term “ethics” varies between its uses in philosophy and ecology. In ecology, an ethic is acknowledging … Continue reading Land Ethic